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Cooking Mozzarella


Low moisture freshly made mozzarella for best, real italian style, pizza.

Compared with other types of mozzarella this one has to be allowed for further sour and then gently dried in a controlled (temperature and humidity) environment.

Why most pizzerias prefere low-moisture mozzarella?

Because it allows to have much longer shelf life. The best quality of Fresh mozzarella is the day it is produced: then very quickly it deteriorates, developing off-flavors during the first few days. Low-moisture mozzarella can last for weeks under refrigeration, allowing easier transportation and there fore also the freedome to be bought in bigger bulk reducing in this way also the final price.

Low-moisture mozzarella is saltier and denser the other qualities of mozzarella. Depending on the aging and the temperature it is stored, different types of bacteria can help the cheese to procure specific tangy characteristics of aged cheeses such as provolone.

In general for pure meltability low-moisture mozzarella remains the best solution. While fresh mozzarella looses water by melting (becomes more soupy than melty) low-moisture mozzarella remains dry enough in order to mantain an intact crust while cooking, what you can see for istance on the top of the best pizza.

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