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Mozzarella Burrata or Burratina


Burrata, meaning ‘buttered’ in Italian, is a dreamy fresh cheese that consists of a Mozzarella pouch, rather than a ball, filled with a delicate milky-mousse.

When you bite into it, the filling gently oozes out. Delicious!

A delicacy from the Murgia region of Puglia, it is considered a modern cheese as it was first produced commercially in the 1920’s by the Bianchini family in Andria. Due to its freshness it has a short self-life.

Il Casaro intends create new fillings to tantalise you with.

Wonderful in salads, with tomatoes and crusty bread, or atop pasta and spaghetti.

In 2013 Il Casaro has won the Silver Medal for the Langham Champion Fresh Unripened Cheese with "Burrata".

Il Casaro Massimiliano